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Insights into Success

with Paul Dodds

Insights into Success has been created to give small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world, never before access to successful business people to hear about their "warts and all" journey to success. There is no "sugar coating", we want to hear the truth so our listeners can have realistic expectations and therefore be better prepared to succeed! We specifically want to know, just how close they came to failure and why they think they ultimately succeeded. What do they think our listeners need to do in order to succeed? As part of the series, we also feature the theme "Read to Succeed", a short podcast where we ask those successful business people that are readers, whether they read a book that had a meaningful impact on their journey to success. What was it? What was it about and what were the key "takeaways" for them. It need not be a business book, but a book that made a difference. Not all successful people are readers but many are. Reading is a great way to up-skill yourself and learn from the experiences of others! Insights into Success is brought to you by Making Sense of Marketing where we take a "holistic" approach. In order to help solve our followers marketing problems. We recognize the importance of helping them in other ways, which can ultimately impact on their success with marketing. Insights into Success is one of the many resources we have created to help small business owners all around the world. By learning from those that have already succeeded, we hope to help our follower’s shortcut their own journey to success. At Making Sense of Marketing, the feedback we receive from small business owners, is they perceive that they have a shortage of time as they look to juggle their responsibilities. Everyone can spare 15 minutes - right? If you can't listen to the podcast all at once, no bother, just listen to what you have time for (at least 15 minutes) and come back to hear the rest! You don't want to miss out on all the great content! We want no excuses, just results for our followers! With our Read to Succeed, they will typically be around 5 to 10 minutes.