Insights into Success

Defining Moments Can Change Lives! - Part 2

March 30, 2022 with Paul Dodds Season 2 Episode 51
Insights into Success
Defining Moments Can Change Lives! - Part 2
Show Notes

Your father dies at 28 in a car crash, when you are only 2 years old. You are 26 and about to have your own head-on crash. What does this mean?

Alan's Lazaro's car accident changed everything!

He questioned everything. What if that was it? Did he live a life true to himself? How courageously did he fight for what he believe in? 

Not liking his answers and filled with regret, he decided to change forever.

Today, Alan’s a Professional Speaker, Peak Performance Business Coach and Consultant, and the Co-host of The Next Level University Podcast.

Alan believes that life is about choices.

In this two part interview Alan shares his journey and lessons to inspire others on their personal journey to success.

Have you listened to part 1 yet?

Part 2:
0:43 Arrogance versus self-belief.
8:32 Goals for the future.
11:34 Starting with the end in mind.
18:22 How to get people to care.
21:33 Success comes by design not by default.
23:48 What are the key differences between those that succeed and those that don't?
26:20 Has age been an issue?
31:00 What should people consider in their journey to success?