Insights into Success

The Poetry of Success - Part 2

June 17, 2022 with Paul Dodds Season 2 Episode 64
Insights into Success
The Poetry of Success - Part 2
Show Notes

You go to university planning to study Biology. Your lecturer recommends that you take English classes to help with your assignments. Before you know it, you fall in love with poetry and become an English major.

Career choices are looking limited until you get offered a chance to work for a start -up. Next minute you are starting your own business that has gone on to be hugely successful! It's been quite a ride for Mickie Kennedy so far! 

Part 2 of the interview

0:39 How Mickie grew the business
6:20 A/B split testing
9:57 Stepping back from the day-to-day business
17:33 Success that stands out
18:45 Failures
22:26 Keys to his success
26:55 Scaling a business and selling before the crash
30:00 Key advice for entrepreneurs starting out

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