Insights into Success

John Q - A Real Estate Success Story!

August 10, 2023 with Paul Dodds Season 3 Episode 107
Insights into Success
John Q - A Real Estate Success Story!
Show Notes

 John Q came to New Zealand with nothing and no contacts. Over the next few years, through hard work and determination he rose to the number 2 salesperson in Ray White worldwide. I this interview shares his journey and secrets to success! 

0:54 To what extent has growing up in Manila shaped who you are? 
3:26 Excelling at sports. 
4:39 Has sports helped with your career? 
6:51 Career in the airline industry. 
8:09 What was the motivation to get out of the airline industry? 
9:32 Has the customer serviced helped with real estate? 
11:10 How did you managed to get into real estate in New Zealand? 
13:01 How did you initially get clients? 
14:34 Did you ever have self doubt? 
17:16 What was the key to getting success? 
19:19 Focusing on Stonefields. 
25:31 Managing to sell across suburbs. 
26:42 Refining your door selling skills. 
28:19 What's the difference between those that succeed and those that don't? 
32:16 How would you like clients to describe you? 
32:52 When did you start building a team? 
38:31 How important has your wife been in your journey?
 41:12 What does a typical day look like? 
47:15 Your biggest motivation 
51:00 Failure to success. 
55:21 What are the keys to achieving your goals? 

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