Insights into Success

From Family Business to International Company!

August 23, 2023 with Paul Dodds Season 3 Episode 108
Insights into Success
From Family Business to International Company!
Show Notes

Most family businesses, remain small and for a long time the Margolin family hair solution business looked no different. Everything changed when firstly Ryan and then his two brothers joined the business.

With time and a different perspective, they saw opportunities. Their small family business has now grown into a multinational company that not only has their own class leading products but also contract manufacturers to others in the cosmetics industry.

In this interview Ryan provides insights into the challenges they have faced along with the secrets to their success!

0:55 The beginnings of their family business
6:10 Moving to Florida
9:07 A new water based solution.
15:13 How big is the market?
19:09 Change in the family
22:47 How is working with your brothers?
25:11 The challenge of manufacturing yourself.
29:09 Making mistakes without bankrupting yourself
31:01 Operating internationally.
35:57 Anti-counterfeiting software.
42:23 What have been some of the biggest mistakes made?
44:4 Company ownership.
45:46 Where to from here for the business?
47:41 Competing against big corporates - the point of difference?
48:54 What are the keys to being a successful entrepreneur?
50:58 How complimentary are the skills of each brother?

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