Insights into Success

The Secret To Selling Over $1 Billion in Real Estate!

September 20, 2023 with Paul Dodds Season 3 Episode 110
Insights into Success
The Secret To Selling Over $1 Billion in Real Estate!
Show Notes

David Rainbow has been selling real estate since the 80's in Auckland New Zealand. In that time he has been considered one of the leading agents in the industry having sold over $1 billion dollars in real estate! Much has changed over the years, but to what extent has the keys to succeeding in real estate changed?

David gives insights into the challenges of the industry, mistakes that people make and the keys to success!

1:04 Background
2:09 What made him get into Real Estate?
4:44 What was the industry like in the 80's? 
6:31  Was there less competition back then? 
10:04  What were the keys to success back then? 
13:22  In the 80's were you more on the phone or visiting people? 
14:32  How easy is it to be successful in the industry 
16:16  What is the difference between those that succeed and those that don't in the industry? 
18:52 Has your definition of success changed over the years?
19:50 Is it a "dog eat dog" industry?
23:42 Are there particular qualities needed to be a good agent?
27:54 How do you rise above the industry criticism?
31:12 What should people expect from David Rainbow?
33:24 How do you shut off from work?
38:53 What do you enjoy the most in Real Estate?
39:58 How important is it to enjoy yourself to succeed?

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