Insights into Success

Email Marketing is not Dead!

February 08, 2024 with Paul Dodds Season 4 Episode 118
Insights into Success
Email Marketing is not Dead!
Show Notes

Email marketing is often a forgotten form of marketing, which is crazy given how cheap it can be and how much control you have. With Social Media platforms having all the control, email marketing is a chance to take the control back and communicate directly with your customers!

 In this interview we talk to Kyle Stout an expert in email marketing about the secrets to its success! 

0:52 Introduction
3:37 Why do you love email marketing so much?
7:12 How do you counter the feeling of people being inundated with emails?
10:16 How do you get small businesses to do email marketing?
15:40 What are some of the biggest mistakes with email marketing?
24:22 The secret to making content that customers like.
30:58 Where are your customers based?
33:22 Tips for businesses doing email marketing

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